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July 2019

Paxis Announces Issuance of US Patent for Additive Manufacturing Technology

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New WAV 3D Printing technology solves limitations of existing AM technologies 

Paxis LLC is pleased to announce the grant of US Patent No. 10,343,390 entitled “Additive Manufacturing Apparatus, System, and Method”.

The patent covers the apparatus and system for producing a three-dimensional object in an additive manufacturing technique and method for operating the apparatus and system, and more specifically, to an apparatus, system, and method that uses a roller in contact with a flowable resin or other precursor material in building each layer of the object.

“WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) is an entirely new, scalable, industrial additional manufacturing process that is designed to conquer the limitations of existing AM technologies.  At Paxis, we believe the newly developed WAV process will not only break the traditional boundaries of current technology limitations, but also enable the development of a new generation of resins and materials that could not be imagined, or developed previously,” said Mike Littrell, CEO, co-inventor of WAV and Founder of Paxis LLC.

“Unlike other additive manufacturing technologies that have been introduced in the last few years, WAV is built without pulling from existing technologies and designed without constraints,” continued Littrell.  “WAV was designed to meet the needs of the users that were not being met by current additive manufacturing systems.  WAV is fully scalable in the X, Y and Z Axis, and deploys resin in a unique way that allows Paxis to have an extremely large build area with as little as 1 liter of resin loaded in the machine at any given time.

“Throughout the years, we have heard and expressed the the same issues when it comes to 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing;  the technology needs to be bigger, parts need to be larger and built in a single build, address trap volume issues, add-modify-remove parts during the build, provide a way to have material flexibility and optimization. Understanding these issues and removing all perceived restrictions, we came at the development of the new WAV technology without restrictions, without constraints.  We focused on building a technology that eliminated trapped volume, enabled expansion in the x, y, and z, provided material flexibility with swappable material feeds, and now, we are in the process of working with material providers to optimize materials for applications and end-users.

“We are excited to receive the issuance of US Patent No. 10,343,390,” concluded Littrell.



About Paxis LLC

The WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) process was created with the requirements of the commercial manufacturer in mind, in an effort to solve trapped volume issues within current liquid resin-based technologies. The success in solving one problem opened the doors to solving many, which include: Scalability in size and speed, significant reduction in post processing requirement, multiple material production, exotic material management, lower cost of operation, the elimination and need for a large vat during large-part production, as well as the ability for embedded components and many more.

Founded in 2016, Paxis LLC, headquartered in Crystal Lake, IL, announced the development of the WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) process, with commercialization timing to be announced at a later date. Designed to meet advanced manufacturing needs within the Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing industry, while expandable to non-AM industries WAV™ is a completely new, ground-up AM process. Designed without constraints, the new, patent-pending WAV™ technology is fully scalable in the X, Y, and Z axis, and deploys material in a unique way that allows for the production of extremely large part(s) or larger quantities of smaller parts, with as little as 1 liter of material loaded in the machine at any given time. The technology is designed to embrace the use of multiple materials of different viscosities within the same part build.

For more information on the WAV™ additive manufacturing process and technology, please visit:

Additive Manufacturing Apparatus, System, and Method

US Patent No. 10,343,390


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