Investing in Paxis.

Paxis LLC is interested in accelerating the growth of
an entirely new industrial manufacturing platform and process with technology grants.

Funding Partnerships.

Seeking Investors.  Currently, Paxis LLC is fully funded by its Founder, co-inventor and CEO Mike Littrell. Patents were filed in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The extremley successful proof of concept was completed in 2016 and the amazing Gen 2 product is currently in development.

Paxis LLC, has intentionally decided to forgo Venture Capital funding.

We are currently seeking: Innovation within Additive Manufacturing Technology Grants, OEM partnerships, and Material Development Funding.

Future Growth is from within.

Paxis LLC intends to work with like minded companies and individuals seeking the growth of AM through: Hardware, material and software advancements.

This can only occur with talent and experience, which is why Paxis LLC is intentionally building OEM relationships and a management team from within this industry.

Starting from the top down. Paxis, has and is, quietly recruiting the “Best of the Best” employees and partners.

Investment opportunity inquires for Paxis

All inquires will be vetted through Elizabeth Goode and based on our long-term goals for the company.

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