WAV. The First of its Kind.

WAV (Wave Applied Voxel) is an entirely new, scalable, industrial additive manufacturing process that is conquering the limitations of existing technologies.  The patented WAV process by Paxis LLC is not an embodiment improvement or license of an existing technology, but a new process imagined and designed from the ground up by a small team within CIDEAS Inc, an industrial 3D printing service bureau, with its roots dating back to 1998.

A Word From Paxis’ CEO

Mike Littrell, CEO, co-inventor of WAV and Founder of Paxis LLC. “The limitations of current Additive Manufacturing equipment highlights the need for: extremely large parts and large quantities of smaller parts at faster speeds…

“WAV (wave) is an expandable platform with physical, modular upgrades. More material choices, all while utilizing less post processing and operation costs. WAV will change prototyping, investment casting, and manufacturing as we know it today.”

WAV.  Announced 05-08-17.

This official technology announcement had its beginnings within the service bureau sector (actual end users with over 30 industrial machines and 5 processes). The growth of WAV (pronounced wave) by Paxis LLC will be driven by hand selected individuals all while strategically working with companies familiar with every technology.

These experts and corporations within the AM industry will help accelerate the time to market and future development while understanding its importance within existing and untapped vertical markets.

“WAV currently doesn’t fit within any of the defined ASTM standards for Additive Manufacturing. The standards will need to be re-written to include this entirely new process and technology.”

M. & G.

It is our intent to build the next American Manufacturing solution, with common goals and with innovative like minds.

Mike Littrellco-inventor of WAV

Making progress as an American Manufacturing Solution.